Wero Whitewater Park, Auckland Officially Open!

April 14, 2016

RCP’s specialist infrastructure team have project managed the construction of this new world class venue that will engage our communities and youth. Vector Wero Whitewater Park is New Zealand’s first facility to offer an artificial river and water course for recreation, sports, emergency services training, school programmes and youth development.

The complex provides 3 options for a variety of watersports. The ‘Pond’ will provide a calm water environment suitable for stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and water safety training, while the two courses offer enthusiasts two degrees of adventure. ‘Tamaki River’ is a grade 2 water course suitable for kayaking and whitewater rafting for those seeking fun. While ‘River Rush’ provides a grade 3-4 water course for the adrenalin seekers, incorporating a 4.5m waterfall drop.

The Prime Minister, Hon John Key officially opened Wero on 26 April in front of an enthusiastic gathering of local iwi, school groups, olympians, local political figures and public alike. The project has been an engineering challenge and the first build of its type in New Zealand. For more information about the facility and how to experience it for yourself please click here.