Strengthening Wellington’s Iconic St Mary of the Angels Church

March 7, 2017

RCP was involved since mid-2015 in an advisory role: Andrew Field acting as the Engineer to the Contract and providing specialist construction advice to the Governance Board which was set up by the Diocese to oversee the project.

It has been one of the most challenging strengthening projects in Wellington; the main structural portals were demolished one bay at a time, and re-constructed. The project incorporated 3d scanning techniques to capture the exact shape of the original columns which were replaced with new reinforced concrete columns. The church was supported with a large rolling gantry, which provided safe working access to the structure and supported the roof during the works. The roof structure was entirely rebuilt, along with new ground beams, significant under-pinning and separation of the church towers from the main church, using seismic dampers.

The project was completed by LT McGuinness.