Partnerships key to ‘win-win’ outcomes

February 22, 2018

RCP was delighted to host the Construction Client’s Group breakfast event earlier today, which focused on client capability and effective delivery.

Alongside speakers from Watercare who spoke about lifting client capability, the team from the University of Auckland (UoA) School of Engineering project shared their insights into successful partnership techniques.

Dino Matsis, Capital Works Manager at the UoA says the $280m project is complex and demanding. “The schedule for completion is dictated by the academic year so there is no room for delays or failure to complete the project on time. That’s why we’re employing a partnership approach, building equitable and trusting relationships with the team, which are based on mutual respect, honesty and clear and timely communication. “Partnering is a great concept but it’s rarely put into practice. It requires a change in mindset and buy-in from all levels of management,” says Matsis.

RCP Director Bruce McDonald shared insights into how the partnership model works. “The techniques used to implement partnering are not dissimilar to a traditional project approach but what is different is the attitudes, mindset and methods employed by each party involved.  With the key common goals agreed at the outset, regular open communication and escalation paths to facilitate decision making, a partnering arrangement can provide win-win outcomes. “When we get partnering right, the benefits are immense.  We maximise the effectiveness of each participant’s resources. Because we are all on the same page we improve outcomes relating to time, cost, quality and health and safety, and make better use of innovation. All of these factors increase the chances of financial success.”