Changes Signal Deepening Commitment to the Region

July 28, 2022

Leading New Zealand project management company RCP is delighted to update the market on changes to the structure of its Lower North Island leadership team, which signal a deepening commitment to the region.

Ben Gurton’s purview has broadened from a local Wellington focus to a regional overview, which is reflected in his new title, Regional Director – Lower North Island.

Ben brings more than 20 years’ experience delivering complex strategies and projects for clients, and developing strong industry relationships based on results, and mutual trust and respect.

He sees considerable potential for growth throughout the market given the indicated and necessary pipeline of work, and despite some of the challenges that may come in the short term. “Our Lower North Island coverage extends from Wellington to Taranaki and across to the Hawke’s Bay. I’m looking forward to supporting our teams across the region as we continue to grow our business in delivering more outstanding outcomes for our clients and New Zealand.”

Ben oversees the Wellington team led by Wellington Office Manager Bevan Judge, the Taranaki team led by Anne Husband, and the Hawke’s Bay offering led by senior Project Manager Victoria Lind.

“Bevan started his career as a builder and has broad experience of the construction industry. This has been hugely beneficial to Bevan as he has quickly stepped into the Wellington Officer Manager role,” says Ben.

Bevan is a proud Wellingtonian and is relishing his new role, which he took over from Ben. He describes the Wellington team as very experienced, motivated and ready for any challenges that lie ahead.

The Wellington office will focus on growing and developing alongside its clients, consultants and contractors in the wider Wellington region. The team is proud of its enduring client base.

“It is testament to the fact that we are trusted project partners to our clients. We are involved early in their thinking, which is a reflection of that. Going forward, we will maintain our strong presence in the property sector, and develop our local infrastructure and advisory services,” says Bevan.

Meanwhile, RCP recently established Taranaki as a formal, standalone operation and the team is looking forward to deepening its roots in the region. “We will continue to service complex projects in the property and infrastructure spaces, and work to develop and broaden our relationships with the local industry – clients, consultants and contractors,” says Anne.

“Anne comes from an engineering background and is heavily solutions focused. She brings a positive outlook to her work and thrives on having a dynamic role and working with a wide range of experts to solve challenges,” says Ben. “Anne leads a senior and very experienced team to deliver the work locally.”

The Taranaki team is currently site-office based and an exciting goal over the next 18 months is to secure its own office location and provide RCP with a physical presence in the region, says Anne.

“Having a committed offering in Taranaki enables us to service projects with a broader geographic reach,” says Anne. “It’s been valuable to date for our national clients to have us here delivering projects for them locally.”

Rounding out RCP’s Lower North Island presence is its Hawke’s Bay offering.

“Victoria is well placed to service projects to the east of the region,” says Ben. “With a specialism in healthcare and her team approach, in part coming from her New Zealand sporting background, Victoria is a great asset to our service offering.”