COVID-19 Update

Wednesday 1st September 2021

The Government has moved all of New Zealand into Alert Level 3 (AL3) except for Auckland. As such, the following protocols for our non-Auckland Offices are being applied to our offices:

All Offices (except Auckland)

Auckland will reman in strict Level 4 lockdown until further notice.

While we are disappointed to be returning to operating restrictions, we have been preparing for this eventuality. We are familiar and well-versed in working remotely and being responsive to our clients and project partner’s immediate requirements.

We are taking this situation very seriously with an internal RCP COVID-19 response group meeting daily to monitor updates. This group is comprised of all RCP’s Directors and senior leadership team members, and are tasked with making fast, fact-based decisions on our operating policies and providing central resourcing and daily risk management advice to all project team leaders.

Our digital and communications systems are designed for this exact scenario and have been proven during the previous lock-down. We are happy to report they are currently functioning as expected. Therefore, we are well positioned to maintain full-service continuity and have excellent capacity to meet current project requirements, as well as assisting you to meet the challenges of the current environment.

On behalf of RCP we appreciate your support and extend our own best wishes and support to you, your family and colleagues.

Best wishes,

Jeremy Hay &  Nick Beale

RCP Managing Directors