Environmental Commitment

Environmental change is undeniable. As influencers in the construction industry, RCP has made a commitment to support sustainable practices, both on our projects and in our workplaces. We also manage our own environmental impact where we can. Each RCP office nationwide incorporates mindful systems to reduce land-fill waste. Our electricity comes from NZ’s only carbon zero certified retailer and we use plant-based, recycled and recyclable products and materials where possible.

RCP is signed up to Toitū enviromark, New Zealand’s original environmental certification programme, which provides a pathway for the development, implementation and maintenance of robust environmental management systems. RCP is Toitū enviromark diamond certified.

Click here to view RCP’s Environmental Policy.



At RCP we are proud to be using 100% Renewable and carboNZero Certified Electricity supplied by Ecotricity. Ecotricity sources their electricity from wind, hydro and solar electricity generation. Ecotricity are also proudly 100% Kiwi and 50% Community owned.

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We are also a proud member of the New Zealand Green Building Council. We champion the trend towards more sustainable built environments and have solid experience delivering many of New Zealand’s most efficient and productive green buildings.