Health and Safety

RCP has nationally recognised Health and Safety systems to keep our team and our project teams safe.

We deliberately set out to create a work environment where workplace safety matters, adopting health, safety and welfare as fundamental business objectives.

Our dedicated Health and Safety team has implemented systems and processes which comprise clear and effective procedures to mitigate risk. We do not compromise on the protection of our employees, clients or contractors.

RCP project team members hold current Site Safe certification. RCP is committed to continuous improvement through ongoing training, to further strengthen our knowledge and understanding of Health and Safety risk management.



Safety in Design

Safety in Design integrates hazard identification and risk assessment methods early in the design process to identify, assess and mitigate Health and Safety risks to people over the life of an asset.

Safety in Design begins in the conceptual and planning phases of a project. Making the right choices at the design stage enhances the safety of the project. These choices may include appropriate methods of construction, ongoing maintenance provisions or materials used.

RCP ensures Safety in Design is considered throughout all phases of the project life cycle to improve the safety of construction sites and the use and maintenance of the asset into the future.