Andrew Timms

Associate & Queenstown Regional Manager


Andrew  joined RCP’s Christchurch office in 2011 as a Project Manager, where he quickly became an integral part of our post-earthquake rebuild projects. There were many notable projects in this period, however his involvement in the Christchurch Temporary Stadium 100-day project, New Regent Street Reinstatement, and The Hagley Oval Overlay for the Crickey World Cup were stand out projects which allowed Andrew to mature and develop his leadership skill sets.

Following a move to Queenstown in 2015, Andrew quickly became responsible for managing the local delivery of a large capital works programme for one of RCP’s key clients, Queenstown Lakes District Council. Having worked closely with both developers and local authorities allows Andrew to bring new and exciting approaches to project and portfolio management within different industry sectors.

Following his appointment to the Southland Regional Manager role in 2018, Andrew has developed his strategic and commercial skills and used these to excellent effect in managing RCP’s Southland business.  Just as importantly, he has quietly developed and led a small, but highly effective team in our Queenstown office who are very respected and valued by the whole Southland market. Andy’s consistent leadership and delivery has resulted in the steady growth of new projects and clients in the region.

The Board recognises and values Andrew’s ability to build strong local relationships within clients and project teams to enable successful collaborative and open approaches to project delivery.

Project Experience