Bowen Campus Redevelopment

Bowen Campus is located in a significant and high profile site, adjacent to Parliament in Wellington’s CBD. The project involves reutilising and strengthening the existing building structure, and recladding two existing buildings – the ‘Bowen State Building and the ‘Charles Fergusson Tower’.  A significant extension has been added to the Bowen State Building facing Parliament and establishes a new front door to Bowen Campus. Bowen Campus has been tailored to accommodate Government Ministries for both buildings.

RCP are providing comprehensive project management services on this $203million redevelopment, which will see the existing area, excluding the annex building, increase from 26,100sqm to 38,400sqm. This increase in floor area is primarily due to an expansion of the Bowen State building from 14,100sqm to 23,000sqm as well as additional floor area gained from a new facade installed at Charles Ferguson Tower and additional retail amenity.