Lake Rere Camp Facility

RCP is managing a proposed new camping facility operation for Ngāi Tahu Tourism at Lake Rere, a remote location on the western side of Lake Wakatipu. The project consists of a series of tents and associated bathroom and kitchen amenities, a plant and equipment room, water tanks and staff accommodation.

RCP is providing strategic advice regarding design, consenting and stakeholder engagement as well as procurement of the remainder of the consultant team, main contractor, earthworks contractor and required subtrades. Health and Safety, including safety in design principles, together with design and construction that respects the sensitive and outstanding natural environment are key considerations of this project.

With the remote location and varied terrain, RCP is also assisting in the development of construction methodologies, materiality and logistics management in relation to accessibility constraints. These constraints will see delivery of construction materials by helicopter where weather, health and safety and maximum load capacities will need to be factored in.