Ormiston Town Centre


Ormiston Town Centre forms the hub of this extensive development bringing together the various elements of a mixed-use environment comprising business, retail, residential and community facilities that features high amenity and high quality urban environments. RCP has managed the masterplanning for the town centre as well as the design process for the infrastructure, residential, commercial and retail components of the project.

The masterplanning process involved a significant and high-quality public and community realm including a civic and cultural axis connecting the development to Barry Curtis Park. This large open space park environment is critical to the Town Centre planning and includes pedestrian estuary promenades, wetlands, stream corridors, storm water ponds, walkways and bridges offering recreation, cultural, ecological and social opportunities.

The retail centre provides 30,000sqm of retail space and consists of two supermarkets, a department store, specialty retailers, a cinema complex and a diverse range of high quality food and beverage offerings.

PROJECT CONTACTS  – Cristean Monreal  / Fraser Robertson